Roman Jiganchine's Chess Lessons

I offer what is, perhaps, among the best rates you can find on the net:

1. Lessons in Person. If you live in Greater Vancouver area, BC, Canada, probably the best option is lessons in person. The rates will vary in this case.

2. 12.5 $ per hour on the ICC. We can do anything that you think is best for you. But I have my own 'program' in mind too. It is certainly different from  

3. 10$ per annotated game. 

a) I annotate a game for you. Rather deep analysis, emphasis on key moments and reasons for losing/winning the game. See my own annotated games on the site to get an idea. The more games you give to me to annotate, the more extensive "report " will I write about your strengths, weaknesses, etc. If I get a chance to look at as many as 5 games of yours, and in 3 of them I see certain problems with endings, I would be able to advice you appropriate books and exercises.

b) You annotate a game, I analyze it, give my own comments. This is how I have been studying chess for the last 3-4 years, I gained about 300 rating points in strength during this time myself.

4. If you want to play some practice games against me. You can choose an opening, with analysis afterwards. We can agree on the price here too.

5. Help through e-mail. Ask me any questions about your own games, other aspects of chess. This is an option if just annotating games and sending the to me through e-mail seems to be too boring for you.

All prices - in dollars US

      My schedule is quite flexible, so if you are a busy person and still want to improve your chess, chances are that we will be able to agree on some time during the week to study.

     My FIDE rating is 2115, CFC rating - 2198.


      What is most important for the lessons or any other work on chess to be a success? I think GM Kevin Spraggett gave the best insight into this problem:

So you want to become a master chess player, do you? The BIG question you should ask is NOT 'How long does it take?' but 'WHY DO I WANT TO BECOME A MASTER?'

Here is a link to the whole article, which in my view is just excellent.


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