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I have been teaching chess for about 2 years by now. Some of my students have made me happy by winning Canadian national titles in different age groups. If you are interested in taking lessons from me (either ONLINE or not), please read this, or e-mail me for details.

This section is rather empty for now. I decided to give some links to sites that I think can help people greatly to improve their play:

  GM Annakov's E-Mail Chess Course - Improve your play NOW! - save 5 dollars!

How to improve one's tactics? This is an aspect of chess training that many people are concerned about. Here is my big advice, it involves several steps, all of them are FREE!
  1. If you do not have any commercial chess software, download Chessbase Light from
  2. Download the database with tactical training positions from Annotated Chess Games Collections website. It contains several databases, but  is simply the best! Over 3500 tactical training positions from actual games. Get it from here. Unzip it and open with Chessbase Light.
  3. Set up chessbase light notation [in options] to a training mode, this is very important! The rest is just solving the problems. My advice to mark the positions you solved as deleted, from time to time you can clean up the database. GOOD LUCK!


Exeter Chess Club Coaching HANDOUTS - excellent resource. I recommend it to everyone who is below 2000. Just print out and study! The strategy section  of this site seems to be really profound.

Vladimir Kramnik reflects on his K-K match and some other games of his career.  


Hours of video from this fantastic player. Especially good if you have a fast connection.

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