Pictures from the World Youth Chess Championship in Spain (Oropesa,  2000)

Some New Pictures (these ones too  were kindly donated by Oleg) - Oropesa revisited!

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Canadian Team:

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wpeB.jpg (121410 bytes) - Irwin Lipnowski (Canadian team captain / coach) analyzing the games of our  players - a typical evening in Oropesa

  wpe9.jpg (215617 bytes) Canadian Boys

wpe1D.jpg (29703 bytes) More Boys!

  wpe8.jpg (37057 bytes) View from our room

wpeE.jpg (46399 bytes) Roman Jiganchine and Samuel Lipnowski

wpe10.jpg (67736 bytes) All (almost) members of a Canadian team

wpe12.jpg (41140 bytes) Sam and Irwin Lipnowski

wpe1F.jpg (26242 bytes) Yamei Wang looks with suspicion at the elevators. Next day someone was stuck during the blackout at 4am...

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My old friend Nikolai Kurenkov (Russian U-16 champion of the year 2000) with Canadian Anne-Marie Charbonneau


The following pictures were kindly provided by Oleg from Moldova. Thanks!


wpe9.jpg (70229 bytes)  Alexandra Benggawan 

wpeF.jpg (40697 bytes) Amanda Benggawan

  wpe11.jpg (49143 bytes) Tiffany Tang


wpeD.jpg (88005 bytes) Hazel Smith



Other pictures taken near the hotel:

wpe13.jpg (43286 bytes)  wpe15.jpg (30464 bytes)  wpe17.jpg (36159 bytes) wpe19.jpg (45867 bytes) Excellent pictures, Oleg!

Now a picture that I got from another source:  wpe21.jpg (34151 bytes) Driving safely became a problem in the end of October in Oropesa! This was taken several days after the Canadian team left the Spain. Honestly, I am quite glad about it!

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